Magnetizing System

Magnetizing System for Permanent Magnets

Kleinknecht has for many years been a world leader in the supply of testing technology to the automotive industry. The experience the company has gained over those years have been combined with its outstanding know-how in engineering and technology: all are also reflected in the equipment now offered for the magnetization of permanent magnets.

This magnetizing system for permanent magnets will find application in many spheres – ranging from the magnetization of the exciter motors for huge power station generators on the megawatt scale to the magnetization of small permanent magnets for use in electric vehicles.

Magnetizing System

These are the elements of the system:

  • Energy store with auxiliary devices and automation components
  • Control panel with display and switches
  • External display and on-screen controls
  • Actual magnetizing head
  • System of measurement (e.g. of the strength of the magnetic field induced) to enable quality to be checked

The magnetization procedure itself uses a current pulse and is excellently suited to the production of materials with high coercitivity. The strength of the magnetizing current can be fine-tuned to the precise demands of the materials or magnets in which the magnetization is to be induced. On conclusion of the process, the strength of the magnetic field (for instance) can be measured. Quality assurance (QA) is taken care of throughout and the QA details will appear on the display, which also serves as a user interface and on which settings are made for the magnetizing system. Resonance phenomena are avoided in the system, as are oscillation events, so that permanent magnets of uniform quality result.

Technical Details:

  • Will magnetize various materials (incl. NdFeB, SmCo5, Sm2Co17)
  • Magnetizing current up to 8000 A
  • Setting for magnetizing current can be fine-tuned
  • Procedure in which resonance and oscillation are avoided
  • Equipment controlled from external touch screen or internal control panel
  • Compact construction
  • Easy to integrate into the user’s automated systems
  • Integral quality check