The Optimal Solution for Every Test Requirement

Our approach and strategy is based on a holistic view of the customer’s processes. In other words, we support our customers from the very first idea to the finished testing system.

At Kleinknecht, we provide the optimum solution for every testing method.

What you need to know about Kleinknecht:

A symbiosis of intelligent control technology and traditional technology.

As testing technology specialists we have a somewhat different background. Whereas other manufacturers of test stand technology have their roots in mechanical engineering, our history is based on control and automation technology. As a result, we are able to secure a decisive advantage from the very beginning, in 1946.

Thanks to our long track record and technologically-oriented history, we can proudly call ourselves pioneers of testing technology. 

With our 200 employees, 60 percent of whom are engineers and technicians, we are in a position to provide customized system engineering.

It is not only the manufacturers of highly desired luxury vehicles that test their e-drives, gears and clutches on Kleinknecht systems, we also provide testing systems for auto racing. 

Kleinknecht sets milestones in the end-of-line testing technology.

Our guiding principle is to create innovations. We have achieved market maturity with numerous new developments, much to the joy and benefit of our customers.

Our innovations include:

  • The first end-of-line test stand for dual-clutch gears (2000)
  • The automation system that allows the test stand operator maximum flexibility without requiring programming knowledge (2004)
  • The first test stand with a drive shaft of up to 8,000 rpm and a bearing tolerance of ± 1 mm (2007)
  • The first test stand for hybrid motors with a speed of up to 12,000 rpm (2009)
  • The first end-of-line test stand for battery electric vehicles (BEV, E-traction)
  • The first magnetization system for BEV and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) drives  (2013)

Our standards prevail.

Innovations emerge from decades of experience in control and automation technology and due to this experience innovations have become standards.

One of the largest global, vehicle manufacturers defined a standard out of an innovative Kleinknecht solution for all suppliers of test stands including renowned international companies.

So far, we have set a large number of the generally applicable standards to which vehicle manufacturers have aligned their gear, clutch, and motor testing technology.

Thanks to synergy network.

We are a highly motivated, medium-sized company, and as a member of the Burke Porter Group we can rely on our vast knowledge of mechanical engineering and the long-term stability of our business relationships.

An enormous diversity of synergies are achieved within the group due to close-range know-how of mechanical and plant engineering, hydraulics, control and automation, software and hardware, electric power quality as well as electrical networks and processes. All these features from a single supplier are a major benefit for our customers.

Kleinknecht is the pioneers of testing technology…

…and willingly take on all testing tasks. Virtually 70 years of experience, highly motivated engineers and technicians plus our sophisticated in-house development, the test stand automation system ATS Advanced, offers a solid basis for handling every test task.

With our know-how, intelligent technical solutions, and control software we provide flexibility, future security and cost efficiency for our customers.

The test stand automation system ATS Advanced is an open system that allows our customers to independently import data. Both hardware and software are scalable. System upgrades can also be realized by the test stand operator through defined interfaces. This minimizes costs.

Furthermore, ATS Advanced offers the ideal basis for retrofitting your systems.

Higher productivity thanks to continuous development.

Our long-standing partnerships are based on confidence and trust, therefore development in the field of testing technology and the continuous optimization of the processes and chains in the customer’s plant are the long-term focus of our activities. Our goal is to provide our customers with a decisive, technological edge. This is realized by a joint effort during a cooperative planning phase that involves the customer.

Furthermore, we ensure that our service centers and a 24/7 phone hotline provide our customers with the best possible service support. Kleinknecht remote maintenance enables proactive maintenance of the supplied and modernized systems. We offer service training, briefings, and training courses; we can provide these support systems not only at our company sites, but also at the customer´s site, worldwide.

Kleinknecht, advancing your technology with Kleinknecht innovation.

As a medium-sized company we are able to react faster and more flexibly to the demands of our customers. Our special skills and in-depth know-how enable us to create solutions to complex requirements, which we efficiently implement and which undergo continuous development. We assume responsibility for the critical production processes of our customers, because they believe in us and our products. 

For a very good reason. Since 1946.