Hybrid Module ‚HYMO‘

Test benches for hybrid- and electric drives

  • Automatic or manual load / unload
  • Integrated speed control for Battery Electric Vehicle motor
  • Electrical connections up to 400 V / 300 A
  • Fully automatic testing with customer specific functionality
  • Embedded watercooling management system for machinery and specimen
  • Measurement of electric results from BEV
  • User-friendly test sequence generation utilizing ATS-Advanced
  • PLC control and digital machine control system
  • Data transfer of test results to central data base server
  • Test of clutches K0/K1/K2 in every single test sequence (oiling, pressure, run-in, MGF, drag torque, centrifuging)
  • Inspection of rotor position sensor and mathematical signal verification in real-time
  • Measuring of temperature resistance, winding resistance in 20 mOhm range, insulation resistance, earthing resistance
  • Inspection of the e-machine (idle position test, loading and durability test drive torque with rotations/min) – T = 322 Nm @ 800 rpm / – T = 70 Nm @ 7,000 rpm
  • Standstill of output K1/K2 up to 330Nm @ 0 rpm
  • Measuring and evaluation of the module noise
  • Automatic transfer of the module evaluation data into the data carrier at the workpiece-carrier
  • Gear box oil-exchange during the test run
  • Gear box cooling-water exchange during the the test run

Key Data

Gearbox input

n max  = 7,500 rpm

T max  =  363 Nm

Total weight

15.2 tons