EOL Test System 7-Gear Automatic Gearbox

  • Automatic or manual load / unload
  • Integrated speed control for BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) motor
  • Electrical connections up to 400 V / 400 A
    Fully automatic serial testing with customer specific functionality
  • Embedded watercooling management system for machinery
  • Measurement of electric results from BEV
    User-friendly test sequence generation utilizing ATS-Advanced
  • PLC control and digital machine control system
  • Data transfer of test results to central data base server

Limit data of the test benches

Gearbox input

n max  = 6,000 rpm

T max  =  240 Nm (all gears)
short-term (30 sec) up to 300 Nm

Total weight:

18,1 tons